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Latvian souvenirs

Travelling around the world and visiting new cities is exciting and fun, but it is also pleasant to bring back some souvenirs as good reminders of the new places you have seen. Finding something small and lovely, but representative of the places you visited, is a great way to preserve your memories or give your friends a distinctive gift.

There are many different souvenirs and gifts in Latvia to choose from. The typical Latvian souvenirs are hand-made items of Baltic amber, wood, ceramics, linen and leather.

You can bring back sculptures, jewellery and other small items such as magnets, key rings in more than 200 identified shades of Baltic amber. Amber items are seen as a talisman of good luck and a symbol of general protection, particularly the ability to ward off the evil eye.

What to buy in Latvia?

If you want to find souvenirs that have an alternate purpose other than just being a souvenir and wish to use them when you get home, then wooden spoons and other cutlery could be great choice for you. You may also buy different decorative wooden items like sculptures, decors with ornaments, Latvian signs or views of Riga, clocks, puzzles, candle holders, magnets, coasters and many others.

Earthenware is described as a piece of art full of good energy; therefore, ceramics – pots, vases, candlesticks, whistles, magnets, toys, decorative bottoms also are good practical or decorative souvenirs to choose from.

Linen items are lovely and most of them are usable, so it means that you would not put them in a box to be forgotten at home. A wide variety of linen products are available in Latvia – bags, towels, aprons, napkins and other linen works. It is also possible to get linen items with Latvian symbols that would make souvenirs even more special.

Leather works are also great souvenirs in a functional and usable sense. If you are looking for passport covers, photo albums, wallets, book covers, bookmarks, magnets, key pendants, brooches, money boxes and other leather haberdashery, you will definitely find it in Latvia.

Do not forget to bring back some edibles from Latvia like Laima chocolate, candies “gotiņas”, rye bread, smoked sprats and Riga Black Balsam.

Souvenirs are heart-warming, they remind you not only where you have been but also about unforgettable people you have met and the fantastic experiences you have had.

Share Latvia will help you bring back great memories of the time spent in Latvia, as well as offers you an amazing and original selection of handmade souvenirs and gifts that will remind you of the places you have been and, who knows, return in the near future.


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