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Venta Waterfall (Ventas rumba) – Widest Waterfall in Europe

Great art nouveau to discover

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We believe that every country has a soul! Latvia’s soul is its people and land and that is exactly why it is so colourful, always open to new adventures and challenges. Latvia is not always bright, but it is not arrogant and makes room for everyone. Latvia knows how to listen and sympathise. It has always been able to heal and provide joy.

Why travel to Latvia?

It is so different – it can be a quiet and calm country girl with her beautiful untouched nature – forests, sea, lakes and rivers, meadows and fields, fresh and refreshing air. It literally enchants with its unhurried and calm nature guest houses, country saunas, boat tours or night walks where it is possible to draw strength and ideas for future work. At times it is a city girl, who hurries and dashes everywhere, actively taking part and wants to get an adrenaline rush, to try everything new and interesting, offering its guests a wide range of recreational and entertainment to suit all tastes. At times Latvia is like a small child with its natural playful smile full of joy, leaving no one behind offering various recreational opportunities for families as well. Latvia can also be like an elderly person with its wisdom, heart warming and rich experience, giving the opportunity to visit various historical and cultural heritage sites.

What kind of Latvia would you like to experience and enjoy? Do you plan to visit Latvia alone, maybe searching for your old family home? Perhaps you are planning trip with friends, family, colleagues or school mates?

Visiting only Riga?

Riga Old Town Panorama, St. Peter ChurchIf you plan on only visiting the capital of Riga, you can unhurriedly wander the streets of Old Riga and be enchanted by the splendour of the Art Nouveau buildings. At dawn, at night, in the middle of the work day or at sunset, Riga looks different, and it will never leave you indifferent. Maybe instead you want to go somewhere outside the usual tourist trails and see Latvia and Latvian daily lives here in Riga, to visit the flea market, one of Riga’s suburbs, ask questions generally not asked and to hear the facts that are usually taboo?


Visiting other cities or regions?

Perhaps you would be interested in an excursion to another Latvian city or region and see a whole other Latvia? Sigulda, Cesis, Kuldiga, Jurmala, Daugavpils and other Latvian cities hide centuries of secrets and culturally historical riches. Each place has its own unique story and choice of activities for every taste!
Latvia is not a big country, but each of the regions stands apart with something special. In addition, Latvia is one of places in the world where it is possible to enjoy all four seasons in their fullness and richness – each is attractive with something special and place-specific.

What is Latgale, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Kurzeme?

Latgale – the land of blue lakes will surprise you with the beauty and calm of nature, interesting cuisine, many guesthouses and saunas, craftsmen, and even the opportunity to see people in horse-drawn carriages like in olden days.

Zemgale – for hundreds of years this region has served as Latvia’s granary and is the flattest of the regions, which also hides Latvia’s Baroque Gem – Rundales Palace and Jelgavas palace in which the Dukes of Courland rest.

Vidzeme – a region that can boast of its cities Sigulda and Cesis, the picturesque and hilly Gauja valley and rivers which are perfect for family and collective boat tours. Everyone can find an appropriate activity for themselves and the opportunity for entertainment no matter what the season – spring, summer autumn or winter.

Kurzeme – a rich region, surrounded by the wind and sea, forests and unique cities (Liepaja, Ventspils, Sabile, Kuldiga, Talsi). Over hundreds of years, the proximity to the sea has formed many fishing villages where even today one can try freshly smoked fish. Guest will have great views not only of the lighthouses, which decorate the Kurzeme coast, but also military objects – Irbene sonar and the Liepaja Naval port. This is a region where one can safely bird-watch and unhurriedly take in nature’s wonder!

In case you have not decided on where to go on your next trip, or you are already sure that you will travel to Latvia, know that Share Latvia can help organise incredible holidays or collective events for you! We can organise the majority of excursions in more than 20 languages.

Souvenirs and gifts

We also offer Latvian souvenirs prepared by craftsmen manufacturers and gifts that will surprise you and your loved ones. We can deliver them by post or also deliver them free of charge, if you are visiting Latvia and staying in Riga. The souvenir range is expanded regularly. You are also welcome to express your wishes.


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